Christopher Jon Delogu

C. Jon DELOGU, Professeur des Universites (Univ Lyon 3)

C. Jon DELOGU, Professeur des Universites (Univ Lyon 3)

Professeur des universités

Faculté des Langues

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My background is in Comparative Literature (Ph.D. Yale University, 1991). I teach language courses ("comprehension orale"), translation ("theme" - French to English), and upper level courses in the history of ideas (on Democracy, Empire, Fascism), rhetoric ("Understanding Arguments"; "Controlling the Narrative"), and cinema ("History of France through Film").

As service, I have for many years interviewed and advised Lyon 3 students who wish to study English abroad or teach French abroad.

I direct Master theses at the rate of roughly 3 per year and serve on the jury of several Master theses in LEA, LCE, and LLCER each year.

I have published three books on "Ralph Waldo Emerson: une introduction" (2006, in French), "Tocqueville and Democracy in the Internet Age" (Open Humanities Press, 2014), and "Fascism, Vulnerability, and the Escape from Freedom: Readings to Repair Democracy" (Punctum Books, 2022).

I have translated a dozen books - nonfiction and two novels - from French to English, as well as many scholarly articles.

I belong to the research group  < IETT | Institut d'Études Transtextuelles et Transculturelles : Équipe d’accueil EA4186 > IETT
Maison Internationale des Langues et des Cultures (MILC) 35 rue Raulin 69007 Lyon 4e étage Tél. : 04 26 31 87 78

I have been a visiting professor at Boston University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Southern Maine.

Enseignement et recherche

Section CNU
Domaines d'enseignement
Philosophie générale, Histoire, Études anglophones
Disciplines enseignées
Anglais - langue, traduction, histoire des idees, litterature
Thèmes de recherche
History of Ideas, Literature, Rhetoric, Translation, American history
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